Amitabh Bachan Appreciates Pakistani Dramas

Bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan could not resist praising Pakistani actors and Pakistani dramas while giving interview to a Pakistani news channel BBC Urdu. He disclosed his interest in Pakistani dramas in the interview. Bachchan, who is well known Bollywood actor and has acted in many blockbusting movies in the past being the main character is still acting in the modern era as well.

He also hosted a well famous TV show KBC (Kon bane ga Karorpati) which also earned him name in the field of hosting alongside acting in the movies. While talking about the cultural exchange between India and Pakistan artists, Amitabh Bachan said it is very good for easing out the tensions between both the countries.

He said that by casting Pakistani Actors and Actresses, we could have more peaceful relations other than in the film industry. He praised Pakistani Actors of the past as well and could not resist praising Pakistani serials these days.

Amitabh Bachchan admitted modern Pakistani serials and actors are more entertaining than the Indian dramas. He was also happy to watch an Indian channel telecasting Pakistani dramas only since Pakistani dramas are also getting lots of fame in Indian viewers too. The most popular dramas which have received lots of attention from Indian viewers are Hum Safar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Bachchan told the channel while talking about his personal affiliation with Pakistan, that his mother lived in Islamabad which was known as Lalpur in those days. He further told that his mother also studied from Government College. Amitabh’s grandfather was also from Karachi.

Amitab Bachchanh said that more dramas and movies need to be made which have actors from both the countries, which could also make the relations better between both the countries caused by the political atmosphere. Bachchan not only praised Pakistani artistic work but also expressed best wishes for the new upcoming stars.

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