Amir Gets Hit 6 By Pollard In PSL

Amir Gets Hit 6 By Pollard In PSL. Lady Artist Comes Up with Surprise on Stage in a theater program. The hall was almost full of the audience and they really appreciated the idea that was shown in the drama. Everybody sitting in the hall was really excited about the performance of the female artist who made it look real. She described the behavior of the society with the women.

Female Artist in PSL match was very professional that all the viewers who were sitting in the hall started to clap only for her. She performed brilliantly and impressed each and every one that had attended the drama. The lady looked to be very frustrated due to the evil of the society moreover she was not getting any justice at all so she decided to finish her life.

Pollard hit 6 on final two deliveries in PSL match. when she had to show her anger towards the injustice. She took it and hammered it on the head. Everyone there tried to stop her but she did not listen to any one. The lady then aimed at her face and pulled the trigger. That scene looked very real and all the people really liked it.

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