American Soldier Kicked by the Giant Animal

A giant animal beat an American soldier in the field when it tried to show affection to the camel by putting his hand on his back. The same act was done by the owner of the camel but when a soldier tried to repeat the action it just kicked him hard in the belly with its leg. The fellow soldiers were shooting it with their mobile phones and could not stop laughing after watching this incident.

This animal is also known for its fame in the deserts and it is called as lion of desert. Mostly in the Middle East the Arabs use camels in the camel races and they put lot of money on them. Some of the races also include the rider sitting on them. Camels are the biggest class of the wild life. It has also been used in the wars and for the transportation purposes as well.

These camel races are very popular in the Middle East and lots of prize money is given to the winner of the races. These races are very popular in some countries as a way of attracting tourism. Many tourists after visiting those countries enjoy a lot after riding them but the races which are held in Middle East use children as jockeys.

This animal has different incidents related to it as it is also used on the some festivals by the Muslim community on the event of their Eid. Many camels are slaughtered by the people who have financial support as its price goes very high in the days of Muslims’ festivals. Same kind of incidents happened in the past as well when camels kicked the butchers badly when tried to slaughter them.

But this time this animal kicked an American soldier while his fellow men kept laughing on the act of female camel. They were all laughing as he was supposed to show affection to camel just like the owner of the camel did to him. The soldier himself was very shocked at camel’s this reaction that almost killed him.

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