American Doctor Succeeded in Little Mermaid’s Treatment

An American doctor got succeeded in little mermaid’s treatment when he operated her. She was born with some unique mermaid syndrome. She looked like a little princess who turned into little mermaid when she was born. Her parents and other family members were exited and worried at the same time at her birth.

However American doctor operated her to separate her heels till the groin part as her heels were bond together to the upper groin area of the body. Little mermaid’s three operations were carried out successfully and at the moment she has turned into a little princess now. She has been getting lots of care and attention from the local media and the international media as well.

Milagros Cerron was named after she looked like a little mermaid so her first and last names were given according to her appearance. Her first names meant the miracles and the last name meant as little mermaid. So she was known as little princess in her birth country of Peru. She has got quite fame at the age of five.

American doctor was very sure about her progress when he with his other colleagues carried out her three successful treatments in the last five years. They managed to separate her both legs successfully. However the doctor said that the little mermaid might need to go through some more operations in the future.

American doctor has also given treatment to another girl who has just turned seventeen years. Milagros Cerron has started to live a normal life as she has been singing and walking like normal girls. She is known as the little princess and little mermaid all over the world. She has been very lucky as the expenses of all her operations were given by the people living in her community as all the people in Peru loved her very much.

American Doctor Successfully Treated Little Mermaid

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