Allah Shows Miracle during Many Incidents

Allah showed Miracle on many occasion for the people who did not believe in Him. There have been many occasion when Muslims showed such moments to the people of other religions but they did not believe them but some incidents took place when they could not reject believing in Allah. A short documentary of incidents went viral.

Incidents of Miracle were enough to show the people of other religions that there has been a super power Who has been managing all the acts that have been happening in this world. Muslims told them such moments when people almost got died but there was some force present there at that location that then pulled them out of trouble.

Same sort of incident happened when a man while crossing the railway line fell in the track and suddenly the train arrived at that moment. He thought of giving up and accepted the fact that he might be no more in this world. Muslims all over the world told the people about that man who luckily got up and managed to save himself.

Videos of miracle went viral on the social media and people other than Muslims called it as the cheating of death. According to the non Muslims these incidents showed that death cheated those men who almost got collided with the trains and the cars. Allah has always helped people when they have been rejected and did not have any hope.

Allah showed Miracle so that people other than Muslims could also believe that the people in those video got escaped due to the will of the Almighty and no one other could help him out. Some people have turned their religions and converted to Islam when they have got lucky escape from the death and Allah always accepted their mistakes.

Miracle of Allah

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