Allah Punishes for Insulting Quran 

Allah punished every time somebody insulted Quran, the Holy book for the Muslims all over the world. Such incident took place many times in the world to when God punished those people who insulted and misbehaved with it. Certainly it was the lesson for the upcoming generations so that they should be aware of the result if they ever think of doing that.

Allah has asked in the Holy book and through His Messengers to respect the Quran and whoever does not act upon it he might face the consequences for insulting. A short documentary was made to show such lessons to the whole world so that they do not ever think of doing such disgusting things in their lives.

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It has happened in the past many times when a man from a foreign country and happened to be a non-Muslim guy dared to disrespect the sacred book. Later on he was found to be punished heavily and then he realized that he had done something unethical to the Creator of this world. Another incident happened in India when a girl tried to burn the Holy Book; she then was burnt alive by that oil.

The lady got punished by Allah for doing such a bad thing to the Quran. The video has got viral on social media and on entertainment channels. A beautiful young lady did the same insulting thing with the Sacred book. But sooner she got the consequences for doing such a shameful act. The video showed that one day at home she started to have pain in her belly.

Allah had showed her the consequences for doing such disgusting thing. The lady was having unstoppable pain in her belly and started to stink. Her husband did not care for her pain and never took her to the hospital. One poor Muslim friend of her asked her to go to her home to get medication but deserved in the end for misbehaving with the Quran and left the world.

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