Alien Shows Up in Brazil

An Alien in Brazil showed up in the sky at the beautiful tourist place on weekend. The appearance of the creature was seen by a tourist who had come to visit that place and was about to do photography by his digital camera of his couple of friends. His friends were all set to be ready for the photo with the beautiful background.

The beautiful place of Brazil attracted them to be the visitor of this place. Just at the same time when the photographer guy was about to take a picture of the couple, he saw an Alien on the sky. Luckily the mode of the digital camera was on video instead of picture mode that enabled the photographer to make the video of the alien.

The girl and the boy who were ready for the photo got anxious when their friend was taking so much time for a one click. Suddenly the guy who had digital camera with him shouted and pointed at the sky after seeing that creature. They all got scared and started looking at the sky with fear as they thought that creature was looking at them and might come and harm them.

Brazil’s officials though denied the appearance of the any alien creature at the sight as they believed this incident might affect the economy in the tourist field of their country. However the video captured by the tourist went viral on the news channels and on the social media as well. All the three tourists from other country got scared by that creature and did not spend any further time at the sight and came back.

In the history of Brazil this was not the first incident that reported of the appearance of an alien. In the past there has been couple of incidents when some girls at the age of eighteen to twenty also saw these creatures that looked terrible. They all thought that creature to be the devil and told their mother who then reached at the same sight and confirmed it to be the alien.

Alien Appearance in Brazil

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