Al-Khalid Tank Hits Target Successfully

Pakistan Army with the use of Al-Khalid tank hit the target successfully and destroyed TTP’s hideouts in the operation carried out in the North Waziristan. It was a great achievement for the nation as this latest equipped tool started to work with its full use successfully. The video has been shared by the officials of Pakistan army men.

The latest Al-Khalid tank has come up as a real threat to the enemy. It was manufactured with the cooperation of China and Pakistan. The engineers from both the countries worked hard to function it in the operation which was started in the northern part of Pakistan. It is armed with 125 mm gun and also equipped with latest weapons.

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Pakistani soldiers were very pleased after it successfully hit the target from a long distance. The specialty of this armored combat vehicle is that it can hide in the bushes as well due to its small design and shape. The design was chosen from the tanks used in Soviet and Russia. Military officials said that they had already ordered many more combat vehicles for the operation.

Al-Khalid tank has become real threat for the enemy due to its unique ability to hit the hideout with perfection. It was designed especially to fire many anti-tank rounds. Its name was derived from the 7th century’s great Muslim leader Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA). It is based on diesel engines and use high technology transmission supplied by the KMBD design of Ukraine.

The quantities of this latest battle Al-Khalid tank have not been revealed by the officials of Pakistan Army yet since these sorts of news are quite confidential of any country’s operational capacity. The first batch of this combat vehicle had reached in Pakistan in 2001. But it has now started to function in the ongoing operation in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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