Al-Khalid Tank Destroys TTP Hideout

Al-Khalid tank destroyed TTP hideouts in North Waziristan. The news has been broken by the Pakistan Army officials. It was a big achievement for the nation as the new tank of Pakistan had successfully carried out its mission and targeted the enemy. Pakistani soldiers, who were part of the operation, were very pleased to announce the successful targeting of the tank.

This latest Al-Khalid tank has been designed and developed by the engineers from Pakistan and China. After lot of efforts they have been able to manufacture this amazing tool. The successful mission of destroying TTP hideouts was captured by the Army men and the video went viral on social media and on electronic media as well.

This amazing achievement shows that how capable are the men from the neighboring countries likes of China which has been really good friend of Pakistan. Pakistan Army spokesman said that this successful operation has broken the back of enemy and they have evacuated many areas from the enemy. He further said that the soldiers of this country have been fighting hard to throw the enemy out of the country.

The clip of this latest Al-Khalid tank hitting the target successfully showed the modern techniques which were used in it. It has the capacity of using latest weapons imported from Russia. It can disappear in the bushes and no one can see it unless comes closer to it. The video of the achievement showed that how successfully it can hit the target with mega fire.

Al-Khalid tank is the modern battle tool co-developed by China and Pakistan. Its design was taken from the Soviet tanks and is the smallest of the modern day battle equipment. As per the Army spokes man, this is operated by three crew members armed with modern firing machine guns. With this successful hitting of TTP hideouts, the enemy’s back has been broken.

Al-Khalid Tank Destroying TTP Hideouts

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