Afridi Bowls to Gayle in BPL

Afridi Bowls to Gayle in BPL. Emerging left arm bowler Muhammad Amir wan the competition against Shoaib Malik in domestic T20 tournament. The bowler came back onto the scene of cricket after five years of ban and almost every current or former player tried to create hurdles for him. He got severe criticism from present players of the team but he continued to work on his performance.

Like other cricketers in the team, Muhammad Amir broke the arrogance of all-rounder Shoaib Malik in domestic T20 match. He bowled the batsman with pacy delivery although the ball got the edge of the bat before hitting the stumps. The left arm fast bowler roared after getting the wicket of Malik and celebrated it with aggression as he wanted to prove himself.

Facing Muhammad Amir, Shoaib Malik was felling very awkward. He has never seen in such terrible condition against any pacer of the world. However, Aamir himself has a reputation of scaring many other batters in the world. Five years ago, young Amir came in the cricket circuit with news. He was known as quickest bowler in the world.

However, the famous no ball controversy damaged his playing efforts and he Muhammad Amir was forced out of cricket for five years. Kept away from the cricket field, Amir has learned many lessons and came back strongly than before. The Amir of present time has emerged has an experienced campaigner and a fighter in the team. During his off time from cricket in ban period, Amir did not waste his talent and kept on working hard.

His fighting spirit can be watched in every ball he bowls in any format of cricket. His efforts in the ban period has paid off and presented him as a world class player. Aamir has become choice of any captain of the world in any format now. In the coming times, many glories await Muhammad Amir in the game of cricket.

Gayle vs Afridi

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