Actress Meera Rejects Leaked Video Scandal

Actress Meera rejected her leaked video scandal in an interview which has not been televised as yet. She had been in the news on social media and print media as well since her alleged video got viral. She was allegedly found in objectionable state in that video with her husband. The people in the showbiz industry and the viewers all over the country were really angry on her.

The Actress showed up in an interview which was supposed to be on air on one of the private entertainment channel but the producers of the program did not agree with the content of the program. She totally rejected all the allegations about her video scandal and said that it could only be done to destroy her reputation in the industry as lots of people are against her.

Meera had joined the showbiz industry at a very young age. She started acting as a main lead in a film was way back in 1996 known as Khilona. That movie had become a ladder for the film star and afterwards she came up with some hit movies in the industry. She had become the top rated actress in a short period of time.

Actress had been involved in other scandals too in her career of this showbiz industry. She had also acted in some movies in the neighboring country for bollywood industry as well. In those movies she appeared in some objectionable dress and was criticized by the home industry and people of her own home country.

This scandal of Actress Meera got viral on social media in no time since the introduction of internet usage on mobile devices had made it easier to access such videos. One of the private channels took some time to invite the film star to their program. The interview was never aired due to the uncivilized words used by the lady.

Leaked Video of Meera’s Latest Interview

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