Actress Meera Denies the Authenticity of Leaked Video

Well known actress Meera denied the authenticity of her allegedly leaked video scandal that was associated to her and her husband. She swore in the interview given to a private channel that she was never part of that video. It was supposed to harm her reputation. She further said that the modern technology has enabled human being to change the face courtesy plastic surgery.

The actress claimed that she had differences with her husband for many days and he could be the person who tried to sabotage her character and reputation. She used quite unethical words in the interview given to the private media channel. Due to those sentences the producer of the program did not allow it to be aired on the TV as it might cross the limit set by the PEMRA.

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The film star loved to be in the news and it was not the first time she was associated to a scandal. Previously she was also criticized for giving vulgar scenes in Bollywood industries. Director Mahesh Butt introduced her in the Indian industry. She acted in many movies for the Bollywood industry but only some movies got her the fame.

Actress Meera spoke quite bluntly in the interview and asked the host to stop asking irrelevant question during the program. She stopped the cameraman to not to continue recording until she talked to the host. Then she got up from her seat and went to the host asking him to be limited to the questions. She tried to convince the host that she was allegedly dragged in the leaked video.

Lollywood Actress was found buttering to the host to restrict him for asking bitter questions. She asked him to show him the questions which she was about to be asked. She wanted to know which sort of answers she should be giving about the leaked video.

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