Abdul Razzaq Sensational Super Over

Abdul Razzaq was the bowler who bowled sensational super over in Dubai cricket stadium. The batting side of Australia needed just 10 runs in that super over. Their batsmen were pretty confident that they could achieve the target easily but it turned out to be a tied match. He had taken wicket on the very first ball of the super over but then later on got smashed for six. Despite of getting hit for a six by Australia player, one run needed on the last ball. Pakistan got the wicket on last ball and match got tied.

Abdul Razzaq almost won a match against Australia in the super over. Australia players got the hope to win the match when the bowler of Pakistan cricket team was hit for a huge six on the second last ball. Amazing scenes were seen in the Dubai cricket stadium when all the spectators stood up on their seats. People really could not leave their seats.

Australia players were under pressure when they kept losing wickets and their all rounder had to face the second last ball. He was successful when he was able to hit six on fifth ball and amazed the whole Dubai cricket stadium. During that super over most of the people sitting in the Dubai cricket stadium started to bite their nails.

Abdul Razzaq tried to bowl a yorker to the right hand all rounder of Australia. The captain of Pakistan cricket team came to discuss the strategy on the final ball of the super over. All the fielders were brought in the circle since it had to decide the fate of the team. Pakistan cricket team players were really pumped up on the last ball.

Abdul Razzaq could not have asked for a better finish when his full pitched delivery was hit high but it did not have the distance. Imran Nazir was the man who was under the ball, he took the catch with confidence and won the game at Dubai cricket stadium.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/rxmI9

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