Abdul Razzaq Bowls Super Over

Abdul Razzaq bowled super over in the match against Australia in Dubai cricket stadium. That was the most sensational super over that was ever bowled in the history of cricket. 10 runs were needed of 6 balls and every body from Australia side thought that it could be easy victory for the batting side. Pakistan on the other side had different views as they also thought that the all rounder could contain batsmen.

Abdul Razzaq has been the best all rounder of Pakistan cricket team. He had performed really well in the matches that he played while he was at peak. Same sorts of performance was given by him against Australia when he bowled the super over. Super over was bowled by him since the captain thought that the bowler could be the match winning player.

Australia players were playing really well but they never knew that they could be deceived by the slower balls. Ten runs were needed in the super over but the all rounder of Pakistan cricket team never let them feel comfortable at any stage of the match. On the very first ball in the Dubai cricket stadium, he got the wicket and the whole crowd started to appreciate and clap.

Abdul Razzaq was unlucky in the Dubai cricket stadium when he was hit on the second last ball by the batsman of Australia. People living in Australia and other parts of the world were really happy to see their country near the winning point. Last ball of the super over was the exiting ball  of the match as one run was needed on the last ball.

Abdul Razzaq was also in discussion with the captain to restrict the Australia players. Every spectator sitting in the stadium was on their seats. The bowler of Pakistan cricket team did something amazing as he got the wicket in Dubai cricket stadium and the match was tied.

Abdul Razzaq Sensational Super Over

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