Ab Devilliers Fools Lasith Malinga Near Hotel Europe Playa Marina

Ab Devilliers Fools Lasith Malinga Near Hotel Europe Playa Marina in the IPL edition by giving room between the wickets. Sri Lankan bowler did not try to bowl him out rather he followed the legs of the batsman in the IPL match. The batsman was sharp enough to bring his feet back in the crease and the let the ball go to the wicket keeper. The batsman knew that the ball would be called wide ball and the umpire gave a signal of wide.

Lasith Malinga has been the best death bowlers in the shorter formats in the cricket leagues. He has played many cricket leagues all over the world. Australia’s Big bash league was also popular league in which the Sri Lankan bowler got huge success as far as the death bowling was concerned. Ab Devilleirs on the other hand never played in the cricket league of Australia.

Ab Devilleirs surprised everybody that was sitting in the stadium came to watch IPL match. They were enjoying the IPL match and the hitting of the South African batsman Ab Devilliers. During that over of the Sri Lankan bowler, Ab Devilliers did something really interesting that became the news of the town.

Lasith Malinga was fooled when he tried to follow the legs of the batsman who gave room to disturb the line and length of the bowler. Ab Devilleirs left his crease and gave chance to the bowler to ball at the middle stump to get him out. Instead of bowling him out in the IPL match, the Sri Lankan bowler bowled at his legs but the batsman did not play it. He quickly came back to his original position.

Lasith Malinga did not expect such reaction from the batsman in the IPL match. He started to give a smirk on the response of the batsman.

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