11 Babies Born in Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa

11 babies were born to a woman in Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa in the hospital. The pictures went viral all over internet since it was the most strangest of the news that was shared on social media. Due to the news the lady was popular all over world where ever the resorts, apartments, tourist destination, holiday destination using cheap flights and the video was also shared on news channels as well. She could not believe that she ever wished for that many children.

The woman who gave birth to eleven babies in Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa had to go through tough health conditions. She was taken for the delivery in hospital in resorts, hotels, apartments, holiday destination, tourist destination and with the help of cheap flights prior to the delivery so that doctors could take care of the babies and the mother as well. The mother was quite brave and was very excited too before the delivery to so many babies that made the world record.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/xvPF5

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